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Festivals: Winter Music Conference


The Winter Music Conference is a weeklong electronic music event, held every March since the mid-1980s in Miami. It is aimed at professionals such as DJs, record label

representatives and promoters. The event is attended by a who's who of the

electronic music scene, and it is a sought-after place to network, premiere

tracks and showcase skills. As such, the event has major…


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Electonic music

So i was looking through youtube, searching for electro, house music and i found those videos. Enjoy…


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Brian Wayne Transeau (born October 4, 1971 in Rockville, Maryland) is an electronic musician, better known by his stage name, BT. He has been called the "Father of

Trance" for his pioneering in the trance genre, and "Prince of Dance

Music" for his m…


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Origins of Techno music


The template for a new style of dance music (that by the mid to late 1980's was being referred to as techno) was primarily developed by four individuals, Juan

Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May (the so called "Belleville

Three"), and Eddie Fowlkes, all of whom attended school together at

Bellevilles High, near Detroit, Michigan. By the close of the 1980's the four

had operated…


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Basics - Back spinning


Back spinning describes the act of manually manipulating a vinyl record (currently playing on a turntable), using enough force to cause the record to spin

backward (despite the rotation of the platter beneath it). It is often used in

DJing; many DJs use specialty slipmats so that friction will be reduced between

the record and the platter. Back spinning is used to "rewind"…


Added by Brigitte Muller on January 29, 2008 at 6:08am — No Comments

Basics - Audio mixing


Audio mixing is used for sound recording, audio editing, and sound systems to balance the relative volume, frequency, and dynamical content of a number of sound sources. Typically, these sound sources are the different

musical instruments in a band or vocalists, the sections of an orchestra,

announcers and journalists, crowd noises, and so on.…


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Techno music


Techno is a form of electronic dance music that was developed in Detroit, Michigan, during the mid to late 1980s. Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit techno, a

genre in its own right, is seen as the foundation upon which many other

subgenres have been built.

The initial take on techno…


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Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is a house DJ and producer from Chicago, Illinois.

He first began DJing in Chicago in 1985, and started working as a producer in 1990, doing tracks for Chicago house labels Dance Mania, Relief, Cajual, Nite Life,

Undaground Therapy, Defected, DJax Up Beats, Peacefrog, and Moody. His tune

"Get Get Down"…


Added by Octavio Hadley on January 28, 2008 at 8:59am — No Comments

Dynamix II


Dynamix II is an electro group founded 1986 in Miami, Florida. The members of the group are David Noller and Scott Weiser, although the original team was David Noller

and Lon Alonzo. The duo took their name from the Dynamix mixing board used in

the production of their first single.…


Added by Fanny Haleigh on January 28, 2008 at 8:39am — No Comments

Trance music


Trance is a style of electronic music that developed in the 1990s. Trance music is generally characterized by a tempo of between 130 and 160 BPM, featuring

repeating melodic synthesizer phrases, and a musical form that builds up and

down throughout a track. It often features crescendos and breakdowns. Sometimes

vocals are also utilized. The style is arguably derived from a…


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Hardhouse music

Hard house, also







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Ame - Rej

Hy. i a minimal music fan. i discovered this song while i was searching through youtube for minimal music. i like it very much and i think we'll be interested to hear it too, so enjoy…


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R Kelly


R. Kelly (born Robert Sylvester Kelly on January 8, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American R&B and pop singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional

rapper. He first appeared on the music scene as the founder and lead singer of

Public Announcement whose smooth mixture of hip hop beats, soul, and funk

propelled the group's 1992 debut album Born into the '90s to platinum…


Added by Barbara Barett on January 28, 2008 at 6:52am — No Comments

Justin Timberlake


Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981) is an American pop singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. He came to fame as one of the

lead singers of pop boy band 'N Sync and has won four Grammy Awards as well as

an Emmy Award. In 2002, he released his debut solo album, Justified, which sold

over 7 million copies worldwide. Timberlake's second solo…


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Stacy Ann Ferguson (born March 27, 1975) better known by her stage name Fergie, is an American pop/R&B singer, songwriter, and actress. She is a former member of

the kids' television series Kids Incorporated, and the girl group Wild Orchid.

Ferguson was also a co-host of the television show Great Pretenders. She is

currently a vocalist for the hip hop/pop group the Black Eyed Peas, of…


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Minimal music


Minimalist music is an originally American genre of experimental or Downtown music named in the 1960s based mostly in consonant harmony, steady pulse (if not immobile drones), stasis and slow

transformation, and often reiteration of musical phrases or smaller units such

as figures, motifs, and cells. Starting in the early 1960s as a scruffy

underground scene in San Francisco alternative spaces and…


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Pop music


Pop music is an ample and imprecise category of modern music not defined by artistic considerations but by its potential audience or prospective market. Pop is music composed with deliberate intent to appeal to the majority of its contemporaries.

In opposition to music that requires education or formation to appreciate, a defining characteristic of pop music is that anyone is…


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Circo loco Ibiza


Here are some videos with the dj's involved in circo loco project. Enjoy.

Raresh, Tania Vulcano @ Circoloco 03.11.2007 Kristal

circoloco tour rome 07 #1 (tania vulcano)…


Added by William Raegan on January 25, 2008 at 10:46am — No Comments

Basics - Phono input

Today lesson: Phono input


The phono input is a set of RCA input jacks, usually behind a stereo receiver to which a phonograph or turntable is attached. Modern phonograph needles and phono cartridges output a very low level signal, which

is input to the receiver then amplified and equalized.

Phonograph recordings are made with high frequencies boosted. This reduces background noise,…


Added by Brigitte Muller on January 25, 2008 at 10:28am — No Comments

Dj Moshic


Moshic started to conquer the dance scene worldwide. However the true fame and publicity came with the “Nightstalker” production.

“Nightstalker” was included in Danny Howells’s “Nocturnal Frequencies

3” and Jimmie Van M’s “Bedrock: Compiled & Mixed" compilations.

When “Dj Magazine” announced the tune as the underground hit of the

year, nothing could stop Moshic’s carrier to expand.

The Moshic mix for John Digweed’s broadcast on Kiss 100,… Continue

Added by Hailey Caiden on January 25, 2008 at 9:50am — No Comments

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