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So check this, I have been listening to electronic music since i was five...starting with goldie...which was my first induction not only into electronic music, but dnb as well. throughout high school i would go around hearing various students discuss music. all kinds of genres; hip-hop, pop, rnb, etc. but when they would ask my opinion on the best music, i would say techno; only to be followed by a loud audible "SSSHHH!!!!" at the time i didnt understand what that meant. i live in the southeast and come to find out, with it being the bible belt n all, there is actually a law against discussing techno openly in my city. and i could actually go to jail for discussing it. well at 21 i got my first taste of a techno scene...dnb particularly....and from that moment on, i was hooked. i told myself ive gotta get myself started on taking part in this music. so i bought myself a good startup set(cd-js, numark mixer, hiphonics headphones, etc). ive been venueing now about two months and recently i had gone to a venue, and started playing some music. i started on my planned set which was start standard dance music, get into dark trance, and end up with dnb. well i was playing some dj sammy, and all of a sudden no less than fifteen people came up and told me "this techno crap sucks. what are we, gay???" well ask any dj, and he or she will tell you that will piss him or her off. so i transistioned into rap just to keep the crowd happy. and i knew what was about to happen. all of a sudden i heard gunshots. and the club got shut down, and to this day it is still closed. i realized then i had two choices to make. either take my music underground or two a place with staff who want me to play it, or move to a bigger city and get famous there. i chose to move to a bigger city. i now reside in nashville, tn, and people are eating my music up by the loads. im not knocking on rap/hip-hop, but atleast in the part i live in, people only respect that, and think if you like techno, youre gay, tripping on drugs, or drunk. i can tell you ive met many djs' around, all of whom are really good people, and none of them drink, have done drugs, or are gay. its all about the scene, the music, and in a way, the people in the techno n dance music industry are a family. we dont hate on each other or wish harm on another. if i was at a venue and a djs table went out on him, id gladly lend him my table for the session. b/c we want each other to have a good session. but unfortunately its been forced in many u.s. cities to be taken underground due to laws that have come into play based on one word...drugs. if it wasnt for drugs, i believe techno would be as big here as...say....germany, or even switzerland. we would have many more artists taking notice to the equivelant as sylver, paul van dyk, david guetta, and tiesto. i personally know that if you find the right crowd, you could go famous, and its true. techno, it's an unerground movement.

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